William Harlon Wiley Claim

We all need to know that we have permission to feel whatever we are feeling right now without judgment. From this place, we can tell our story – our history, our losses, our difficulties, we begin to understand why particular things are difficult. If you are ready to tell and understand your story I’d like to hear it. Abandonment, shame, betrayal, and isolation are likely part of it – and these are hard to talk about. But, you were harmed in relationship and that is what you need for healing. A relationship that is experienced as safe and trustworthy, with someone who wants to hear what you have to say is a step towards healing .
I offer a listening ear, a non-judgmental heart and a mind that is not locked into one method or theory. I offer a safe place where that may happen. There are no guarantees. The work is difficult because, unless there is an abundance of grace and goodness we cannot understand your story, how you were harmed and how it continues to impact you.
Therapy is an adventure and it is a gift and you never know what wonderful thing you may get to unpack there.
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