Consuela Chapman Claim

The client-therapist rapport is a potent common factor in therapy success. You want to feel comfortable opening up and sharing your truths. Have you found yourself struggling with a change in your life that has left you feeling uncomfortable with your current emotional state. I offer a place to clear your head, organize your thoughts, and express your feelings without judgement. Give yourself permission to pause, process and then progress.
I take pride in helping clients who may be struggling to find balance, purpose and a sense of normalcy again. I enjoy working with clients who are struggling with relationship issues, self -esteem, sexual orientation, acculturating, “adulting”, or who find themselves in transition.
For many of us asking for help can be daunting; especially if we are the ones that everyone else comes to for help. I want you to know that it’s okay for you to need help too. It doesn’t make you less of a leader, friend, mother, father, wife, son or daughter; It makes you human. I invite you to make yourself a priority and take care of you.
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